Private Tours

Most of the tours we run at Travel Montana are private tours, in which you get to choose your own date with a group size as small as four.

Why Private Tours?

We love our public tours, as they are an amazing way to meet other travelers who share your interests and can become fast friends. However, private tours have distinct advantages.

  • You get to go on vacation with your friends, family, or colleagues.
  • You get to choose your own dates.
  • You get to decide how large the group will be (as long as it meets our minimum of four people).
  • You can ask us to include as much or as little of the physical activities as you wish, even not including any at all.
  • You can even ask us to tweak your itinerary a bit.

Private Versus Custom Tours

Private Tours take place using our existing Montana vacation options. Custom Tours, by contrast, take place when you ask us to substantially modify our itinerary or create an entirely new one. We are happy to swap out a restaurant or hotel, select a different hike, or even swap one activity for another on our Private Tours. However, if you want to change the number of days or the locations we visit, we are dealing with a Custom Tour – see below.

Types of Private Groups

We have created private vacations for all types of groups:

  • Friends who simply like to travel together
  • Celebrations of milestone birthdays, anniversaries, etc.
  • Groups with a common interest, such as hiking or biking clubs
  • Families gathering for reunions
  • Businesses rewarding employees or franchisees

You As Group Organizer

What does it take to set up a private tour? A group organizer! We will do all the logistics of the tour but we need that person – you – who is an organizer of your family, friends, social group, or work colleagues. So if you are that person and have a special date to celebrate or group to celebrate with, please contact us about planning your private tour. Once you agree to organize a tour we will help you to get started.

Private and Custom Tour Policies

  • Minimums: The minimum number for private tours is four individuals.
  • Pricing: Pricing for each tour is listed on the individual tour pages and decreases as you get more people in your group. Cancellation of a group member, even at a late date, could affect the price for the remaining members. If a cancellation of one or more of your group members brings you below the required minimum, you as a group must decide whether to distribute the cost of any amounts due among the remaining group members OR cancel the tour.
  • Cancellations: If you choose to cancel the tour or a group member chooses to cancel, we will treat each person’s payments as per our deposit and cancellation policies.
  • Single Supplements: A mandatory single supplement will apply when anyone has a single room, either by choice or because there is an odd number of either males or females who are not sharing a room.
  • Discounts: Any typical discounts, such as for our alumni or children, do not apply to private tours unless specifically stated on the tour page (such as for family tours) or agreed to with the group organizer.
  • Custom Tours: We require a non-refundable deposit of $1000 to cover our time investment before we start to plan any custom tour requests. If the tour runs, this deposit will be applied to the trip organizer’s tour cost.

Organizations With Communities of Followers

We also cooperate with organizations who have their own community of followers, such as magazines, breweries, influencers, etc. In this case, we can usually create an agreement that allows for you to come along as the “host” and possibly even make a commission. Please contact us if you are interested.

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