Choose Your Montana Vacation

You want an unforgettable vacation—the highlight of your year. We believe our home state of Montana is the number one adventure destination in the United States and one of the top destinations in the world. Want proof? We’ve gathered a few facts for you!

With Travel Montana There’s Two Ways To Go!


We make it easy to plan your next amazing vacation. Our tours are crafted to offer something for every interest and activity level. Gather your friends and family (minimum of four), choose your dates, and pick your Travel Montana itinerary—we’ll do the rest!

All the vacations listed below and our Beartooth Mountains Day Hikes can be organized as a private tour.


We offer several public tour options each year to the most outstanding spots in Montana. With a small group public tour you don’t have to do any organizing, and you get the chance to meet and have a lot of fun with other people who have the same travel interests as you.

Public tours are listed below with specific dates available.

You might also be wondering, why would you want to take a guided vacation? Because it allows you to be present in all the fun instead of managing it! With our expertise you will get a more meaningful and rewarding vacation to Montana. It means you can let our team take care of every detail so you can actually relax and enjoy your vacation! Learn more about Why to Take a Guided Vacation.

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