Beartooth Mountains Day Hikes

“As you climb up the highway known as the Beartooth Scenic Byway just outside of Red Lodge, Montana you head south into the glacier crowned Beartooth and Absaroka Mountains. The views get more and more spectacular every foot higher.”

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The Beartooth Mountains are home to the highest 41 peaks in Montana, including Granite Peak, which is the highest at 12,799 feet. This is some of the most rugged, unspoiled, and diverse land in the country.

However, that doesn’t mean the Beartooth Mountains are inaccessible for day hikers. Our home town of Red Lodge at the base of the mountains is already at 5,555 feet and the amazing Beartooth Highway winds its way up to a height of 10,947 feet, which gives you access to the surprisingly level Beartooth Plateau. There are Beartooth Day Hikes for almost all ability levels.

Operating Season: Our guided Beartooth Day Hikes run from Memorial Day Weekend through September 30.

Half-Day Hikes: 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM or from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM; $300 for one to two people and $125 for each additional person

Full-Day Hikes: 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM; $500 for one to two people and $150 for each additional person

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Why Hire a Hiking Guide

If you are looking to hike the Beartooth Mountains, consider spending your day with us. Here are reasons to do so:

  • We can do the driving for you so you can enjoy the views on the curvy yet exciting Beartooth Highway, considered American’s most scenic roads
  • We do the planning including picking the hiking trail based on your interests
  • We provide a level of safety that can be important when you are hiking at 10,000 feet in bear country
  • We provide a knowledgeable guide who knows the hikes, the flora and fauna, and the history of the area
  • In the end, hiring a guide can be the difference between a good experience and a great experience
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Beartooth Day Hikes Details

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  • Your Group: All hikes are organized for private groups of one or more people on the date you select.
  • The Hikes: We have a large number of hikes in the Beartooth Mountains, most of which originate from the Beartooth Scenic Highway. We will select a hike for you based on your interests, ability, and experience level as well as the time of year and trail conditions.
  • Difficulty Level: We have hikes for all ability levels. If you are an advanced hiker, we can challenge you with longer and steeper hikes. If you are limited in your mobility, we can do a lovely half-day tour of the Beartooth Scenic Highway with short strolls at scenic viewpoints. And everything in between.
  • Appropriate Ages: We love kids! And grandparents! Seriously, we work with families all the time and often have older and younger hikers on our tours.
  • Getting to the Hike: You can drive and meet us at the trailhead, which is especially apt if you are coming from or continuing on to Cody, Cooke City, or Yellowstone. Or, we can meet you in Red Lodge and drive your car, which works great if you have a large group, a dog, or just want enjoy the scenery while driving up the pass.
  • Are Dogs Allowed? Yes! Dogs are allowed to join the hikes, but must travel in your car to and from the trailhead.
  • About Your Guide: You will be led by one of our professional Travel Montana hiking guides, all of whom have experience in the Beartooth Mountains.
  • Snacks and Lunch: Snacks are provided on all hikes. Bring your own lunch for Full Day Hikes.
  • Equipment & Clothing: You do not need any special equipment but should be prepared for the elements. We will provide a detailed clothing list after you register.
  • Wildlife: On top of the Beartooth Pass, it is common to see mountain goats and marmots. You may also spot black bears, grizzly bears, and wolves as well as deer, elk, moose, and coyotes. Our guides are comfortable hiking in the Beartooth Mountains and will be carrying bear spray.

Next Steps

Looking for an entire Beartooth Mountains Hiking Vacation? We offer that too! Check out our five-day Beartooth Hiking Vacation that is based in Red Lodge.

Travel Montana is an authorized permittee of the US Forest Service and is an equal opportunity provider.
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