Traveling to Montana During the Pandemic

Updated January 10, 2022

Like much of the United States, Montana has seen an increase in COVID-19 cases due to the Omicron variant. It is incumbent on travelers to make sure they remain safe themselves and keep others safe. And it is incumbent on us to take the proper safety precautions when you travel with us.

State, Local, & Federal Restrictions

There is no restriction on or quarantine required of those visiting Montana. In addition, there is no statewide mask requirement. There is a mask mandate on all federal land, including the two national parks, when indoors or when social distancing cannot be maintained.

Keeping Yourself and Others Safe

You can safely travel to Montana during the pandemic. Our recommendations and what we promote on our tours:

  • You must be vaccinated to join one of our public tours and be either vaccinated or have a negative PCR test result on our private tours
  • You should stay within your own safe travel bubble as much as possible. This is a major focus of our safety precautions and worked extremely well for us in 2021.
  • You should wear masks when indoors and not in your travel bubble.

Safety With Travel Montana

If you are traveling with us, please make sure to check out our pandemic safety guidelines.

Main Image Credit: Montana Office of Tourism and Business Development