Traveling to Montana During the Pandemic

Updated March 11, 2021

Montana, like much of the United States, has seen a dramatic fall in COVID-19 cases since early January. It is legal and possible to travel to Montana during the pandemic, with no real restrictions. However, it is incumbent on travelers to make sure they remain safe themselves and keep others safe. And it is incumbent on us to take the proper safety precautions when you travel with us.

Current Pandemic Situation in Montana

As of this writing, the current situation in Montana (as with most of the United States) is much improved from early January. The Montana state government has a page that tracks active cases by county, vaccinations, and much more data, which we use in part to judge whether our individual vacation offerings are safe. But while the entire state is still experiencing open community infection, it is much reduced.

State, Local, & Federal Restrictions

There is no restriction on or quarantine required of those visiting Montana. In addition, there is no longer a statewide mask requirement, although some cities and counties still have these in place. There is a mask mandate on all federal land, including the two national parks, when social distancing cannot be maintained.

Keeping Yourself and Others Safe

It is not rocket science. We just need to listen to the scientists, who have been telling us over and over to wear a mask and social distance.

You can safely travel to Montana during the pandemic. Wear a face mask and keep social distance, for your own protection and that of others. Limit time spent indoors; it is better to eat on a restaurant patio than inside and to not linger in a shop or museum. Avoid crowds at events or in bars. In fact, now is a great time to explore the great outdoors, which is what makes Montana so appealing in the first place.

Safety With Travel Montana

If you are traveling with us, please make sure to check out our pandemic safety guidelines.

Main Image Credit: Montana Office of Tourism and Business Development